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Welcome to my blog.


My name is Christoph Albeck. In this blog I write about Real Estate & Finance. From my point of view as an active investor.


For years I have been supporting professional and semi-professional investors as a coach and business angel in their search for intelligent real estate - and financing solutions.


I am happy to contribute to this blog my many years of experience as a banker and international financial advisor. After studying in Germany, I worked in Mallorca for various banks in management positions and started my own business in 2001.


Since then I have been involved in well over one thousand real estate projects in Mallorca, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas and Florida. 


My incentive in every real estate project is the holistic approach.


Are you curious? Read more about that in my Blog.


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WHY Real Estate?

I have been investing in real estate myself for more than 25 years. Why real estate and not just property? For me the word "Real Estate" has a more broader sound. Compare for yourself. Don't you feel that you react more neutrally and consciously to the word "real estate" than to the word "property"? 


No matter what you think about the terminology: 


What always counts are security, quality and growth. Always and everywhere. And beyond that, it's also true: "location is critical!" And Timing. Quality is nice to have, but avoid the two biggest mistakes made by real estate investors worldwide, especially the professional ones:


  1. Don't go with the crowd!
  2. Don't fall into your home bias.

Both mistakes reduces your returns to mediocrity. Or even below that. Don't go with the lemmings. Decide independently!


 How did I make the most out of my investments? I always invest in markets with a high dynamic.

What do I mean by Dynamik?


  • Real estate transactions increase over 10% per year.
  • Prices increase over 10% per year.
  • The population is growing.
  • The tax environment is right.

Why Finance?

The cheaper your real estate financing the higher your return:

Real estate is inextricably linked with the issue of financing. Either equity financing or debt financing, i.e. credit. Or hybrid variants thereof.


And very important: even real estate investors who finance exclusively with equity capital have to ask themselves the question of the profitability of their capital investment. Every investor must compare this result with other, alternative investment options. And critically question whether he has made the right decision or whether he needs to realign his portfolio. This is what I understand by finance.



As a graduate economist and trained banker with more than 30 years of experience abroad, I would like to share with you, dear reader, the beautiful but also the painful experiences of investing in real estate from the perspective of finance.

Read my Blog about Real Estate and Finance now. And if you like it, I would be happy about a like or a rating! Kind regards, Christoph Albeck.