why Mallorca real estate is doing so well during the crisis

Why Mallorca Real Estate is doing so well during the crisis? In this article I give you my point of view.

Even I was somewhat surprised about the good behaviour of the mallorquin market. This season is doing pretty well. Never before have we sold so many properties off plan. One can speculate about the reasons. And of course, every buyer already owns his motives, especially now In the middle of the Corona Pandemic, to buy a house in Mallorca.

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Hotels are quite obviously out when it comes to safe and relaxing vacations. At least for a destination like Mallorca, which you want to visit several times a year. Back to the private. To the family. Many buyers have been cherishing the dream of owning their own finca in Mallorca for many years and in Corona times this dream is finally coming true. I am especially pleased that so many buyers buy properties that will be finished next year or the year after.

Trust in the future

It speaks for a good confidence in the future if investors make decisions today that bind them to their investment for 10 months and more. Especially for houses that are sold off plan, confidence in the future is particularly important. And for the destination Mallorca quite obviously given. 

safe environment

More and more families are choosing Mallorca as a place to live. International schools, expatriates from all over the world and a population friendly to foreigners make Mallorca an attractive place to live. In addition to the perceived security, there is a reliable infrastructure of doctors and hospitals, good fiber optic connections for home offices and good ferry and flight connections.

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